Extra ice time to work on your foundation!

Delaney Hockey offers group Drop Ins specifically designed to accelerate player development at every level.  Each weekend, Kevin and his coaches will expose players to a new set of drills focused on skating, puck handling and play-making that will build upon one another throughout the season to produce a more polished and well-rounded player.

With Delaney Hockey’s Skills Development Program, your player will learn how to keep the momentum going from the regular hockey season and continue to build his or her hockey skills.

Drop In Hockey Tuesday & Thursday Morning Skills Sessions OPEN ALL AGE/SKILL LEVEL SKILLS SESSION
Drop In Hockey Pre-Mite Drop In Pre-Mite Pre-Mites
Drop In Hockey Mite Drop In Mite Accelerate Player Development
Drop In Hockey Squirt/PeeWee Drop In Squirt/PeeWee Focus from game play to skill development!
Drop In Hockey Bantam/High School/Adult Drop In Bantam/HS/Adults Accelerate Player Development