Numbers Don't Lie



Statistical and technical analysis is now here to build a better hockey player.

S.Q.A.T.E. rating is a comprehensive breakdown of all the key components needed to achieve maximum skating and skills that make a complete player.

Qualified Delaney Hockey instructors will execute a series of skills and skating tests to participants through specific measurements designed to capture data on stick handling, quickness, accuracy, technique and edges. Athletes will be assigned a comparative numerical rating from the collected data as a whole to accurately place their level of ability amongst peers at their designated level. Individuals will have the opportunity to use the S.Q.A.T.E. rating data to chart progression, identify areas of improvement and evaluate proper development through specific techniques and training designed specifically for each individual by Delaney Hockey. Testing will take place at designated times on certified rinks by Delaney Hockey. Scores will be based on the S.Q.A.T.E. rating method which measures:

Stick Handling             Proper hand placement on stick and away from body creating full range of motion. Handling and under handling of the puck with quickness and finesse.

Quickness                   Starting from a stopped position, changing of speed and direction. Accelerating while moving. Timed forward and backwards skating in measured increments with and without the puck.

Accuracy                     Shooting of puck on goal targets from multiple locations around the net by wrist shots, snap shots and back hand shot. Stationary and moving. Focusing on weight transfer, quick release, timing and aiming.

Technique                   Linear skating stride, form and technique. Maximized knee bend, leg drive, arm momentum and efficiency.

Edges                          Breakdown of inside and outside edges utilization through turns and crossovers. Proper control of edges, turns, stopping, balance and agility.

Testing will be administered 3 times over a six-month period and will be limited to small groups of five or individual private testing.

• Cost per person (Testing in a group of 5)                                           $150.00

• Private Individual testing                                                                  $700.00

Testing dates:          June 5, 2017

                                July 10, 2017

                                August 7, 2017

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